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Oh boy, our next limited banner is here! Luckily (or maybe not for clicks), this one is a lot less dramatic than the last. I’m personally quite excited for this though, as I found Nearl’s kit to be lots of fun and Flametail has been one of my most anticipated units since the original Maria Nearl event (love me my redheads). This is a doozy of an update too with 5 new units, the biggest single update to date, and most are pretty interesting too! So let’s get into it.

This article specif…….


The Winning Photos from the 2021 Wiki Loves Monuments Competition – PetaPixel

Wiki Loves Monuments, which calls itself the world’s largest photo competition, has announced the winners of its 2021 contest that showcases stunning cultural heritage locations from across the globe.

Wiki Loves Monuments 2022 Competition

This twelfth iteration of Wiki Loves Monuments saw 172,000 entries from 4,914 applicants, 3,198 of which were new to the contest. An international jury of experts evaluated, reviewed, and ranked the 339 winning photos based on tec…….


Highway fatalities increased by 26 in 2021 In Kentucky –

So far in 2022, preliminary numbers indicate there have been 175 highway deaths


FRANKFORT, Ky. (KT) – Highway fatalities in Kentucky increased by 26 last year over 2020, according to figures released Monday by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet’s Office of Highway Safety and Kentucky State Police. 

Data indicates there were 806 fatalities in 2021, co…….


Wikipedia, in the Flesh – The New Yorker

There are more than 6.4 million English-language articles on Wikipedia, covering knowledge as useful as “Bee removal” and as specific as “List of people who have lived in airports.” If compressed, the entire online encyclopedia would take up only twenty gigabytes. (Source for this claim? The Wikipedia article “Size of Wikipedia.”) On a recent Tuesday, four friends gathered via Google Meet to work out a way to turn Wikipedia in…….


Timberwolves: Patrick Beverley Wiki page gets epic edit after Clippers win – ClutchPoints

The Minnesota Timberwolves just took down the Los Angeles Clippers on Tuesday night, 109-104, to secure the seventh seed in the Western Conference. Patrick Beverley played a key role for the Wolves in their Play-In victory and apparently, his strong play deserved an epic edit on the veteran’s Wiki page.

The internet was very quick to change up Beverley’s Wikipedia profile as they hilariously praised his shutdown effort of Clippers guard Reggie Jackson on the evening:



Wiki Who? – 4/13 – Good Day Sacramento

Gayle King On Tracy’s Statement ‘Enjoy Yourself’Gayle commented on Tracy’s statement to viewers about the forecast this weekend. Hilarity ensued.

5 hours ago

Question Of The Day – 4/14We close out a rainy Throwback Thursday with Courtney’s Question of the Day: What’s a good rainy day lunch or snack?

5 hours ago

Florida…Man. – 4/14John brings another edition of Florida…Man, where he finds oddball news stories and everyone guesses whether it happened in Florida…or not. Play alon…….


Wikipedia Editors Push to End Crypto Donations at Wikimedia – Gizmodo

Do you love the world’s online free encyclopedia, but only do commerce in ether? Soon, you may no longer be able to demonstrate your Wiki appreciation monetarily.

On Tuesday, a consortium of long-time Wikipedia editors and others in the community voted for the Wikimedia Foundation, the non-profit that hosts the online encyclopedia, to stop accepting cryptocurrency donations. The vote comes after three whole months of deliberation v…….


Blockchain WIKI Launched as Stabila Developers Iron Out Stablecoins Motherland – EIN News

Stabila WIKI



Blockchain WIKI Launched as Stabila Developers Iron Out Stablecoins Motherland

It’s easy to create a token and have it do nothing except act as a unit of account inside of some service. But that’s not what the Stabila does.”

— Daniel Varzari

MUMBAI, INDIA, April 7, 2022 / — Moneta formally launched its wiki on April 6…….


What Is a Wiki? – How-To Geek


The word “wiki” comes from Hawaiian and can be a verb meaning “To Hasten” or an adjective meaning “quick” or “fast.” But how in the world does that relate to Wikipedia?

The Origin of the Name “Wiki”

The first wiki, WikiWikiWeb, was created by a man named Ward Cunningham to facilitate the exchange of ideas, information, and experience between programmers. The name, WikiWikiWeb, was inspired by a shut…….